About Us

About Us

My name is Regina Thomas and I own a software consulting firm, QiSoftware.  I am also a blogger and the publisher @ WiredPages.  For many years, as an Amazon Associate, I provided links relating to gift ideas, housewares, style, and home office technology via my blogs and other site resources. 

I felt my background offered a lot in the way of life experience, as related to corporate life, small business needs, and in general- my many interests, i.e., gardening, cooking, reading.

Though, I continue to maintain my blog “shops”, in September 2021, I decided to put up my own online shop, WiredShops.

More about me…

After graduating from college, I started my professional career as a defense contractor with major Fortune 100 corporations (Boeing, General Electric, Rockwell).  I lived and worked in the Washington, DC area and found the sophisticated life of the nation’s capital to my liking.

About WiredShops, etc.

I research the items I select for my online shops.  Both, for this new project (WiredShops) and the Amazon Associate “shops”.

I hope you find some new ideas or love the idea of an old classic.